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This website is currently under construction! We have temporarily removed our articles while they are being rewritten. We are also setting things up so that regular new articles will be released in December. In the meantime – if you want to grow with us and receive or regular affirmations starting in December 2016 sometime feel free to sign up for our newsletter. Please bear with us until we launch our new site.

We’ve already made some great improvements by upgrading our Affirmation data base. There are now over 750 different affirmations available in the quotation box below. Please enjoy the random Affirmations that will pop up right below in the quotation box or click on the A Daily Affirmation tab on the menu bar. Hit refresh if you would like a new one.

I am powerful. I choose to accept my power.
-A Daily Affirmation

How to use this website:

Click on the random affirmation generator in the menu bar and see where it takes you. It will produce one of our affirmation posts randomly for you to read and explore. You can also simply use the singular random affirmation that appears above each article as you personal affirmation of the day. Another method is that you can pick one of our posts from the sidebar because it interests you. Please enjoy and have fun with this website as it grows.

How to Use Affirmations:

  1. Ground yourself using your favorite method.
  2. Focus on your heart center by mentally moving the light bulb in your mind to your heart.
  3. Think of something that brings a great deal of love and joy into your heart
  4. Say your affirmation out loud or in your head.
  5. Focus on how it feels to you and repeat the affirmation until it feels rooted within you.
  6. Visualize the reality of your affirmation and believe in it’s truth.

Live Your Own Life!

Know that in your own heart you are free from all encumbrances. You are a joyful, loving creature that has freedom in all ways. Allow yourself the liberty of living free in your own thoughts, intentions and dreams. You are unique in every way – so make sure you own your own reality and your own dreams for the future.

Own who you are:

Be proud of who you are and who you are becoming. Take pride in the fact that each moment you are transforming into all that you are and all that you can be. Be yourself!

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