Personal Affirmation Mantra – Creating Your Own

Personal Affirmation Mantra – Creating Your Own

When we engage in negative self talk we are sabotaging ourselves from living our “best life”. In other words, when we are laying self blame over an incident, finding fault in our appearance, or seeing ourselves as lacking in some way, we are in self sabotage mode. Negative self talk can be destructive, and it can keep you from reaching your goals and dreams. Therefore, you have to feel that you deserve what you accomplish. Otherwise you simply manifest what you feel you deserve. If it’s nothing you will get nothing. Thus, a good personal affirmation mantra can be very helpful to you. It will help you shift your thoughts towards more positive outcomes.

Cancel and Delete

The first step is identifying the thoughts that are holding you back. Thoughts such as: I am not good enough, I am ugly, people don’t like me, I am not worthy, and the list goes on. Take a moment to write these thoughts down on paper. Once you have this list take a really good look at it, then strike through each one and cross them off the list one at a time. Write the words cancel, and delete after each thought and write a new more positive thought affirmation to replace it with. I have created a digital example, however the hand written version will be much more powerful:

  • I am fat. Cancel and delete.
  • I am beautiful just the way I am!
  • I am unlikable. Cancel and delete.
  • I am loved and accepted  just the way I am everywhere I go.
  • I never fit in with others. Cancel and delete.
  • I am accepted just as I am.
  • I will never reach my goals. Cancel and delete.
  • I will now reach every goal I have set for myself.
  • I will never meet my soul mate. Cancel and delete.
  • I now choose to meet my soulmate.

Creating Your Own Personal Affirmation Mantra

You may find reading this article on “Power Words For Making Changes” useful in writing your new affirmations. Create new affirmations that you can say over and over again to yourself in your mind, especially when you catch yourself in negative self talk. Here is what the personal Affirmation Mantra could look like from the list above:

“I am beautiful, loved and accepted just the way I am and everywhere I go. I now choose to reach every goal I have set for myself, as well as meet my soulmate.”

Keep it short and simple so that you can memorize it and use it whenever you catch yourself in negative self talk. Visualize the strike through, cancel and delete, and then use your affirmation mantra to override it. Make sure that you re-evaluate this every once in a while and adjust your mantra to the current situation you are in. You will find that it is not easy to catch ALL the negative self talk but with diligence and practice you will soon transform the way that you think about yourself and the world around you.

Today’s Affirmation

“I choose to create positive thoughts about myself, others and my dreams.”


Today’s Photograph

I chose a swallowtail butterfly for today’s photograph because this insect is all about transformation. In fact, your thoughts are the key to making all the changes that you desire in your life and the butterfly’s energy can help you.

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  • Such an inspirational site! When we humbly ask God to remove what separates us, and what keeps us bound to this material world, a veil is lifted and we see the world in a new light. Becoming what God made us to be , is such a wonderful experience. This human condition, is but a passing phase and just a lesson in our journey. Love God, Love Life, Protect Life, Help One Another, Carry Each other… this is the message.


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