There are three sides to every conflict, crisis or drama.  In perspective – there is your side, there is the other side and then there is the truth. The truth usually lies somewhere in the middle between the two sides. The object of any life lesson such as this is to get at the truth. However, your truth may not be the same as the truth of the other participants. Your part in the drama or conflict is usually very different in what brought you to that place than your opponents. Rather than approaching any of these situations with a confrontational perspective, try going inward. This is where you will find the reasons that this situation is triggering your anger, frustration, or fight or flight instinct.

There is always an opportunity in these moments to bring about some healing and growth for all the parties involved. At least the opportunity is always there for you to move forward and come from a place of forgiveness, love and personal power. Give the other parties involved a little bit of time to process their own issues. Also, take the time to look at things from all perspectives and your little drama will usually dissolve with a few words of understanding.

In most cases the conflict between two parties had nothing to do with each other. It was simply the trigger that released the stress of another situation entirely. Moreover, your little crisis with another was merely a way for both of you to vent emotions. Your body released emotions so that your insight was no longer clouded by the feelings that were eating at you. Best thing all around is to simply let it go and forget the little drama ever happened. Forgive yourself and your opponent and move on.

Affirmation for Finding The Perspective of Truth:

I now choose to move forward with my life and release the stressful energy of this situation I find myself in. In addition, I am now able to communicate openly and freely express my feeling in this matter with love and respect. Furthermore, I will now gently but firmly set respectful boundaries for myself and others. Through this process, I also come from a place of love and forgiveness for myself, and for others involved. I choose to speak from my heart and I choose love and forgiveness.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I know that I have the strength to make my decisions and act from the perspective of love.”

Today’s Photograph:

I shot this photograph of an old rotting log during last fall’s salmon run in the mouth of one of British Columbia’s great fishing rivers. This old log had all kinds of new growth and different seedlings growing from it, including moss. This angle of the log looks like the head of a bird.

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