Creating Abundant Love

Creating Abundant Love

Creating Abundant Love:

First, take the time to really see all the wonderful and supporting people that you are surrounded with, then allow yourself to receive the wonderful gifts of wisdom, compassion and love that they have to offer you without expectations. Understand that the universe constantly supplies everything that you need always so that you can embrace everything, including the difficulties, wholeheartedly. Trust that your life is on track, constantly moving toward the accomplishment of your dreams and have faith that each step you take is the right one. Above all, BELIEVE that there is abundant love in your life always.

How to do this?

First, you must believe that there is abundant love in your life and to see this abundant love you must let go of worry and stress so make sure that you are grounded. In addition, take the time to count your blessings with gratitude and make a mental list of all the wonderful and supportive people in your life. Also, make sure to take a moment to see all the different ways that you receive from love from your family, friends, and your community.

Furthermore, allow yourself to give love freely to those around you in whatever form it takes and trust that love comes to you without expectation or attachment. In other words, share your thoughts and feelings with others honestly and in ways that are supportive as well as expressing your gratitude to others by letting them know how much you appreciate their love and support. Believe in yourself and your abilities.

At the end of the day:

Make mental notes of all the wonderful things that have happened during your day. As a result, your awareness is now focused on the feeling of being loved, supported and fulfilled. Thus, you are now allowing yourself to feel the warm knowledge that you have received love from all directions. In fact, you feel love for yourself for all the love you have given freely. Obviously, there is abundant love in your life now!

Today’s Affirmation:

“I have abundant love in my life at all times!”

Today’s Photograph:

I chose todays photograph to illustrate that there is always opportunity for new growth and that we can integrate the old with the new. It was captured on one of our winter walks at home.

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