Optimism – Trusting the Universe

Optimism – Trusting the Universe


Occasionally we find ourselves lagging a bit or feeling somewhat overwhelmed with the idea that our dreams are unreachable. This is when we can us our optimism as an important tool in reaching all our goals. A good way to get the ball rolling in your favor again is to stay positive. Remind yourself of the things that you have already accomplished. Find ways to make small steps toward your goals. Think of each small step as a large leap forward so that you can revel in your accomplishments. As a result, this will multiply the intentions you are putting into your goals.

Also, be grateful for the things you have already accomplished. Thus, it will fill you with the knowledge that you are well on your way to accomplishing your dreams. This, coupled with the use of a few affirmations to pave the way forward is a fantastic way to bolster an optimistic outlook. By sharing your visions of a better and brighter future for yourself and others you will also create excitement, which will in turn reinforce your intentions further.

When we stay optimistic, it means that we are living our lives in the best of all possible worlds. We know that everything good and bad has a silver lining in it somewhere. Especially when we acknowledge that today is another step towards tomorrow.  In fact, we dwell on the beauty of life, the serenity of the stars, and the love of creation. Staying optimistic is knowing in your heart that today is the best day ever!

Affirmation for staying Optimistic:

I now understand that I have already accomplished a great deal towards my goals. Therefore, I choose to keep a positive outlook with regards to my achieving my dreams. Furthermore, I choose to be successful in reaching my goals, optimistic about all things in my life, and believe that my goals will be easily reached. Thus, I know that all my dreams will now become reality and that I am successful in my life. My goals are being achieved with every step that I now take. In fact, I have clear intentions, a creative mind and will reach my goals easily and smoothly.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I trust that the Universe will provide me everything that I require to live my best life. Thank You.”

Today’s Photograph:

I chose this photograph for today simply because it was a good example of optimism. This beautiful egret can remain still for long periods of time waiting for the that little flash of silver in murky waters that represents a meal.

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