The tools for prosperity are, in truth, extremely simple. In fact, they are the same tools that you use if you wish to create radiant health and loving relationships…

Your thoughts are energy, therefore, if your thoughts, feelings, words and actions are in alignment with your true authentic self, then your life will reflect this. You can create anything, and in fact, you are creating all the time. No one else is creating your life for you, so start taking responsibility for it.

In particular, the tools that you require to create prosperity and abundance in your life are; unconditional love, gratitude, self-acceptance, and faith. Love includes; feeling worthy of receiving, compassion towards yourself and acceptance of who you are. Gratitude means that you are grateful for receiving what you have asked for even before you receive it. Self-acceptance means forgiving yourself when your thoughts are less than perfect. Faith is trusting the universe will supply what you need.

These simple tools are also used in creating loving relationships, vibrant health, and happiness. Count your blessings before you receive them and trust that they will manifest.

Affirmation for Abundant Prosperity:

I know that I am abundantly loved and cared for in all ways. Thus, abundance and prosperity flows toward me at all times. Consequently, I am grateful for all that I now receive. Thank You!

Today’s Affirmation:

“I choose to make my dreams of prosperity a reality. I am grateful for all of the wonderful things happening in my life.”

Today’s Photograph:

These flowers are everywhere right now in Southern California. Moreover, hedges everywhere are punctuated with brilliant shades of red, orange and pink as there are many different types of flowers in bloom right now. Because of this, hummingbirds are prolific here and constantly zip from one flower to the next. On warmer days, the bushes are also filled with bees. As a result, there seems to be abundance everywhere you look.

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