Receiving With Gratitude

Receiving With Gratitude


Being open to “receiving” can be a severe problem for many of us, and as a result, we rarely allow our self to accept the gifts on offer to us. We so often get caught up in our day to day “struggle” that we forget that we are worthy of some of the finer things in life. Take a moment to think about how many different ways you can “Receive” since it can be as simple as a kind word, praise, a hug, or as complex as good news in an email, a marriage proposal or a promotion at work. Every day of our lives we receive hundreds of small gifts that add up to the miracle of who we are.

Being grateful for these small gifts and thanking the Universe for receiving them will compound the bonuses coming your way. Therefore, count your blessings and take a moment to “feel” the gratitude for all of these beautiful things in your life. Using appreciation in your life is a fabulous way to increase the abundance of love, guidance, material things in your life.

Todays Affirmation:

“I am always grateful receiving gifts. Thank You”

How to use Affirmations:

The best way to integrate your affirmations into your daily life and to make them work for you is to follow these simple steps with each Affirmation that you use –  read more here


At the time of this first newsletter publishing, there are probably at least two months of A Daily Affirmation scheduled and ready to for emailing. In the future, we will be using this section of the newsletter for related articles and affirmations. If you want more Affirmations, you can go to our random “affirmation generator page.” This database has more than 750 Affirmations that can pop up into the quotation box. Feel free to hit the refresh button for more.


I love photography and will be sharing photos from my own travels. All photos are copyright Carol Hermesh. I hope you find inspiration with your affirmations through the beauty and wildness of our planet.

Dream It, Affirm It, Believe It, Achieve It!

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